Scott Schapiro

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Scott Schapiro is a principal in KPMG's Global Mobility Services practice based in McLean, Virginia. He has more than 29 years of experience with federal and state payroll and payroll tax.  Scott is also the principal in charge of KPMG's national Employment Tax practice and he is uniquely qualified to assist iwith employment tax issues for companies of any size or industry.

Scott works nationally to coordinate a team of professionals dedicated to the area of payroll taxes. Members of the Employment Tax practice have advised companies of all sizes and in all industries on a variety of complex employment tax based issues related to such aspects of payroll as employee benefit plan treatment, refund recovery, reorganization recognition, due diligence, audit defense, payroll/benefits process review and reporting/remittance error correction. Examples include, working with several companies to analyze, map and provide recommendations with respect to the proper tax treatment of benefit plans and optimal processes and procedures; assisting several large companies with prior period wage reconciliations and amendments of employment tax returns upon the identification of compliance errors; successfully represented/advised companies on both federal and state employment tax audits for such issues as worker classification (independent contractor), income tax withholding, state unemployment insurance, and general payroll reporting compliance; recovered significant federal and state payroll tax refunds as a result of the identification of overpayments of both federal and state payroll taxes.; assisting a multitude of companies undergoing restructuring activity in areas such as wage base successor ship, state reporting responsibilities, project planning, unemployment rate compliance and related issues.

Scott is also a frequent speaker both within KPMG and externally on federal, state, and local employment tax issues. 

Scott is a Certified Payroll Professional through the American Payroll Association and holds a BA degree in English from Cortland State University.

Scott Schapiro

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