Ben Garfunkel

National Partner-In-Charge, Global Mobility Services


Ben Garfunkel is the National Partner-In-Charge of KPMG’s U.S. Global Mobility Services (GMS) practice. Ben also serves as a leader of the GMS Global Steering Group which is responsible for setting and implementing the strategy and direction of the Global GMS Network. He is also the Americas Regional Leader representing all national GMS practices in North and South America on the GMS Global Steering Group.  Ben has held numerous leadership positions in the GMS practice during his over 30 year career with KPMG.

Ben has extensive experience in international tax and global assignment planning. In the client service area, he has more than twenty five years of experience consulting on U.S. inbound individual and expatriate taxation and global mobility issues. He has also served the corporate tax needs of numerous global companies. Ben continues to serve as KPMG’s lead GMS partner for several multinational clients. Key areas of experience are U.S. and international individual and corporate taxation; identification and mitigation of risk and compliance issues associated with global mobility; international social security planning; global mobility policy development; and global assignment structuring.

Ben Garfunkel

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