Managing Risks and Liquidity in a Volatile World

Tax considerations for the treasury function

Navigating change

As global volatility becomes the new normal and the economic outlook remains uncertain, the need to manage business risks effectively and relieve liquidity constraints is more important than ever.

The KPMG Treasury Tax Services team can add significant value to the treasury function when navigating these changes. Immediately below are three short articles covering the top ten tax considerations for typical treasury concerns: hedging business risks, dealing with troubled debt, and refinancing borrowings.

Top Ten Tax Considerations for Hedging Transactions
As volatility in all asset classes remains elevated, the need to manage business risks effectively is critical.
Top Ten Tax Considerations for Holders of Distressed Debt
As the credit markets continue to experience stress, the need to properly manage distressed debt investments (whether related party or otherwise) is of paramount importance.
Top Ten Considerations for Borrowers
As interest rates remain on an upward trajectory and accessing the credit markets becomes more challenging, improving liquidity is a top priority.


April 26, 2023