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Through our deep knowledge of trade, our experience in SAP Global Trade Services (GTS), and deep cross functional proficiency across all SAP solutions we can help clients intelligently standardize, automate, and control their global trade functions.

Troy Duncan

Troy Duncan

Managing Director, Trade & Customs, Global Trade Technology, KPMG US

+1 314-244-4231

Frances Xing

Frances Xing

Managing Director, Trade & Customs, Global Trade Technology, KPMG US

+1 267-256-1874

Rada Gaynullina

Rada Gaynullina

Managing Director, Trade & Customs, Global Trade Technology, KPMG US

+1 305-542-9614


Our approach to SAP GTS implementations enables companies to manage global trade operations effectively, efficiently, and compliantly.  Whether you are on ECC, moving to Hana S4, or have a diverse IT landscape with multiple different ERP, WMS, and supply chain systems the KPMG team can help you implement GTS to centralize trade compliance controls and automate trade compliance globally. 

Driving Global Trade Management Automation

Broker and Logistic Partner integration

The KPMG team has integrated GTS into multiple brokers and logistics providers around the world to create a thorough, compliant data integration which helps to ensure your logistics partners receive fully validated and compliant data sets mitigating the need to rekey data.  Brokerage integration creates thorough visibility and drives down logistics fees.

Classification Management

Centralizing classification processes, whether globally or regionally, helps companies to streamline manual and repetitive business processes and ensure compliance across the organization.  Our deep understanding of GTS and superior functional process flow enables our team to implement classification processes that automate and maintain compliant classifications.  Additionally, KPMG brings several add-on technologies that leverage AI, robotic processing, machine learning, and managed services to further automate and drive additional process savings.

Customs Entry Self-Filing

By self-filing export and or import filings companies can save between $60-$100+ per shipment.  GTS supports self-filing in more than 20 countries today for import and export.  Self-filing and the data requirements vary country-to- country.  The KPMG team understands these nuances and works with countries and companies globally to help ensure that self-filing is done compliantly.  

Export Controls

Globally, the export environment is becoming increasingly restrictive, requiring exporters to know their products.  KPMG has deep understanding of export controls (EAR, ITAR, Military End Use, China Control Export, etc.) and will help you manage compliance. Our knowledge of SAP GTS allows companies to automate export controls to provide process savings.  

Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Management

By compliantly leveraging FTAs as well as the generalized system of preference (GSP), companies can provide potentially savings. KPMG helps companies to identify potential FTA opportunities, implement leading industry processes, and then leverage GTS to automate those processes. Over the past few years KPMG has implemented a significant number of FTAs within GTS.

Miscellaneous (Non-ERP) Shipments

By leveraging core SAP functionality and/or KPMG tools, KPMG can help companies to execute and manage non-inventory/non-ERP one-off manual shipments. By leveraging our experience, we can help companies maintain compliance and visibility over every shipment. 

Non-SAP Feeder Systems and Multi-Instance Environment

Most companies have multiple ERP and data management systems, even companies who are SAP centric. KPMG has the experience and the know-how to implement and integrate GTS into multiple ERP and other host systems (SAP and non-SAP) - effectively deploying GTS as a single interconnected compliance platform across the organization.

Restricted Party List (RPL) / Sanction Party List (SPL) Screening

Sanction party list screening is a core trade function that every company needs to take seriously. The fines, penalties, commercial and legal costs of non-compliance are real and can quickly add up to tens of millions of dollars. Our screening solutions can help your company stay compliant while allowing business to continue.

Special Customs Procedures and Bonded Processing (FTZ, IPR, OPR, PCC, Processing Trade, etc.)

Almost every country has a specialized version of special customs procedures/ duty deferral programs (ex. Foreign Trade Zones in the US, Inward Processing Relief in Europe, Processing Trade in China). These programs provide companies the opportunity to save millions of dollars in duties, taxes, and fees. The KPMG Trade & Customs team not only understands the nuances of how to set up these programs within GTS, but also understands the regulatory requirements behind them to help make sure that they are compliantly structured with an eye towards enhancing cash savings.





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