Consumer and retail valuations

Helping consumer and retail companies meet their goals in today's ever-changing environment

Craig Josset

Craig Josset

Managing Director, Valuation & Business Modeling Services, KPMG US

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Andrew Basso

Andrew Basso

Principal, Valuation & Business Modeling Services, KPMG US

+1 212-872-3514

The consumer and retail sector has seen increased change and disruption caused by shifting customer behavior and needs, the impact of technology, and current events. Businesses are intensely focused on identifying and responding to the evolving needs, demands, and preferences of customers in the digital age and offering a value proposition that encompasses much more than price and convenience. This includes exploring and developing new ways to connect and interact with consumers, as well as deciding where to invest in innovation that can drive future success.

The Valuation & Business Modeling Services practice maintains a leading position as a professional services provider to the consumer and retail industry, working with small start-ups to large multinational corporations. Our dedicated consumer and retail team of Valuation professionals understands the relationship between tax law and the industry’s accounting, regulatory, and business dynamics. By combining industry insight with technical skills, we help companies in the consumer and retail sector by providing financial and tax reporting valuations, business modeling services, transaction due diligence, fixed asset management, and advisory services on complex engagements. Located in offices throughout the United States, our consumer and retail valuation team includes specialists in areas such as business valuation, business modeling, intangible assets, fixed assets, real estate, and complex securities.

The Valuation & Business Modeling Services team serves companies that represent a broad range of segments in the consumer and retail sector, including agribusiness, food retail, non-food retail, online retail, restaurants, alcoholic beverages, luxury goods, tobacco, food and drink, and consumer goods.



KPMG is very familiar with the unique complexities of each of these segments within the consumer and retail sector. Our value lies in the strength of our Valuation professionals and their experience working with our diverse client base. This experience, along with our exposure to all major international markets, strongly positions us to assist our clients in recognizing opportunities and taking actions in response to industry, marketplace, and regulatory changes.