Tools for Tracking Tax Controversies

Tools to help companies maintain a complete and detailed global inventory of their pending tax controversies

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Recent changes in the tax enforcement landscape have created new challenges and increased revenue authority activity. Tax controversies are expected to surge in the aftermath of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project, U.S. tax reform, digital services tax proposals, and other initiatives. Tax authorities across the globe have stepped up scrutiny and are instituting new transfer pricing rules and reporting requirements.

Companies need to be adequately prepared to coordinate and address the multitude of issues raised by today’s rapidly shifting enforcement landscape. Increased controversy potential makes it more imperative than ever that companies have a proactive strategy for tracking their controversies and coordinating the process of responding to those controversies.

How KPMG can help 

KPMG has introduced two tools for tracking tax controversies to help clients prepare for this growing wave of controversy: (i) the KPMG LINK 360 Global Disputes Management Module and (ii) the KPMG Tax Controversy Tracker.

Although these controversy tracker tools are functionally nearly identical, the KPMG LINK 360 Global Disputes Management Module is hosted on KPMG servers and ongoing technology support is provided by KPMG specialists. In contrast, the KPMG Tax Controversy Tracker is housed on your company’s servers and maintained by your in-house technology team. Determining which of these controversy trackers is the best fit for your company will depend on where you want your data to be hosted and whether you want ongoing support from KPMG. 

How the tools can help track tax controversy

The KPMG tools for tracking tax controversies can help you maintain a complete and detailed global inventory of your pending tax controversies. The tools for tracking tax controversies are collaboration and management tools that provide visibility into active disputes in any country in which you operate. These tools provide an efficient way to exchange information among internal teams or third-party providers across the globe. In the tools for tracking tax controversies’ secure environments, senior management and local teams can collaborate, manage processes, gather and retrieve information, and generate reports in a timely fashion.

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