Tangible asset valuation services

Helping companies with the appraisal, documentation, and evaluation of tangible assets

David Aglira

David Aglira

Tangible Asset Valuation Leader, Valuation & Business Modeling Services, KPMG US

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Valuing tangible assets is critical in many businesses. Whether for tax or financial reporting purposes, asset monitoring and budgeting, or strategic decision making, the KPMG Tangible Asset practice can help. Our practice has over 100 Tangible Asset valuation professionals located in multiple offices across the U.S. This team includes certified general real estate appraisers in all 50 states, as well as numerous professionals with the MAI, ASA, and MRICS designations.

We frequently assist clients with the following:

  • Real and personal property valuation for financial reporting, tax, insurance, and business planning purposes
  • Fixed asset management consulting, including fixed asset listing diagnostics, fixed asset cleanup and reconciliation, asset inventory and tagging, and development and implementation of fixed asset policies and procedures
  • Real estate advisory services, including portfolio performance and risk analysis, net operating income review, lease abstraction, cash flow modeling, highest and best use studies, appraisal management services, and property transaction support and due diligence
  • Valuation and appraisal consulting, including value dispute resolution support, fair rental lease analysis, asset componentization, and depreciation and useful life studies
  • Innovative approaches to help streamline reporting of property level data and asset performance through the KPMG customized Real Estate Portfolio Intelligence tool.