BIS Issues Two New Rules with Far Reaching Effect

April 29, 2020




Steven Brotherton

Steven Brotherton

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Amie Ahanchian

Amie Ahanchian

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In April, the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) published two new rules that, when they become effective on June 29, 2020, will increase requirements for exports to Russia, China and Venezuela,[1] while also eliminating a license exception that allows for the export of controlled items to certain countries, such as China.[2]  

During this interim period, it is imperative that exporters assess how these new rules will impact their operations and develop a strategy to address these new requirements. Making adjustments to your export compliance program now will help facilitate business once these regulations are effective.

[1] 85 Fed. Reg. 23459 (Apr. 28, 2020).  [2] 85 Fed. Reg. 23470 (Apr. 28, 2020).


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