How do you see your tax function transforming?

Tax leaders discuss the way their function has been evolving, and will continue to evolve in the future


Francois Chadwick, Vice President, Tax & Accounting, Uber: Over the next three years, the way I see the tax function changing is really around automation. So we've been spending a lot of time on that right now, working with various parts of the company, with our engineering team and others, but that's where I see a lot of the change. That's going to have an impact on the sort of people we will look to recruit, the skill sets that they would have. I think that's a really big change that we'll start to see, and whether that's automation or robotic processing, just putting scripts in place to be able to run things end-to-end, it's a big initiative within Uber as we'd like to be able to scale, as we continue growing globally.

Dan White, Vice President, Tax, H&R Block: Maybe less of a holistic transformation and more about the time allocation. So we anticipate spending more time in the tax policy arena, spending more time in tax controversies, and really making sure that we're equipped to handle the ever-changing tax laws in kind of a new environment of public disclosure and more informational disclosures. We've got country-by-country reporting, we have public financials in Ireland for the first time, we have this whole kind of global initiative for minimum tax, and you know anti-base erosion type environment. So we anticipate spending a lot of time in those areas.

David Gordon, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Tax GlaxoSmithKline: I think at the moment, we spend a disproportionate amount of our time on process activities, so compliance activities and so on as well. I think another one of the challenges we've got at the moment is really around increasing the compliance burden that we've got. So we’ve got a key focus on how we can undertake those activities and in a more streamlined more efficient way. So that's through for example the use of technology and so on, and our outsourcing opportunities as well.

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