CTO Insights – What are the top challenges you are facing in your role?


Dan White, Vice President, Tax, H&R Block: The main thing for us is dealing with an unprecedented level of uncertainty now. The uncertainty that we're typically used to is from an ambiguous legislation, or navigating uncertainties like that, which were where you look for accustomed to. Now with the U.S. tax reform with all the initiatives going on in Europe, navigating that with advisers that have different levels of opinion and all trying to predict what's going to happen in the future, it's been a challenge so that we can communicate and figure out our financial performance currently, but then communicate outward and upward to our management and to our investors and analysts as to what's going to be the future ETR guidance, and the future outlook of our tax function going forward. 

Chip Jordan, Senior Vice President, Marriott International: So my role and my challenge to my team is to do everything we can to support the business, that's probably number one. Number two is our people, we want to make sure that we take care of our people so that they can continue to the outstanding work for the company. So I'm very concerned about the growth of the associates in the tax department and the growth of associates and finance altogether. I want to be tied into the company. One of our mottos  is make sure you're great to the associates, so the associates are great with the guests, and so the guests continue to come back to the hotels.

Francois Chadwick, Vice President, Tax & Accounting, Uber: I think the biggest one is actually uncertainty. Uncertainty and all regulation in all places around the world right now, you've got changes in the U.S. tax with the tax bill that came out in late December, you've got all the digital taxes and the proposals that are being put out within the European Commission, within the OECD.  You've got unilateral tax measures that many countries are bringing into place, and then over and above all that you've got you've got to consider, with all these this uncertainty and all these changes, how do you actually manage a team? Especially when, like Uber, you're a global company in over 90 or so plus countries.

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