Tax departments take flight

KPMG's Global Tax Technology Leader Brad Brown talks about the number of companies that are moving their tax departments from in-house to accounting firms, and how organizations who are exploring this option should best plan accordingly in order to avoid making shortsighted decisions.

Brad L. Brown

Brad L. Brown

Global Technology Leader and CIO for Tax, KPMG US

+1 213-593-6761

Video transcript

VO: Tax departments are taking flight. After several major corporations moved their tax professionals -- and their work -- to accounting firms, a wave of companies are exploring these “lift outs.”

Brad Brown soundbite: In the last year, over 100 companies have come to us to rethink the future of their tax departments.

VO: But getting rid of the whole department can be shortsighted.

Brad Brown soundbite: We advise taking a more surgical approach. Look for pockets that are inefficient and leverage our significant investment in technology platforms. 

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