The tax data revolution

Learn how emerging technologies influence the tax department and ultimately, the business itself.


Harris Horowitz, Global Head of Tax, Black Rock: The real value will be in analyzing the data being able to sort and be use that as an integrated piece of one's planning processes and forecasting capabilities. That could be the real value. In our business, we serve our clients and we have products that serve our clients. Helping make their world tax-efficient would bring dollar to dollar value to them, and obviously be a benefit to us.

Dan Keane, Senior VP & CTO, NRG Energy: There's been quite a bit of study and focus around the data revolution that we've been experiencing. Within NRG and with other companies, looking at the amount of disruptive technologies that are in the industry to collect that data, understand it analyze it and then ultimately communicate that up to the C Suites to help them look at the proper business decisions that we should be encompassing as we move forward into the future.

Barb Beaulieu, VP, Head of Tax, Noble Corporation: We’re the end user of all data in the organization, so there's not a transaction that doesn't impact our tax calculations. So if we don't harness that data and really use it to our benefit, we're gonna always be playing catch-up, and we're going to be much more reactive than proactive. That's not a place that I think tax planner should be.

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