CTO Insights – Implementing Technology in the Tax Function

CTOs discuss how they are implementing technology in their tax departments.


Judy McNamara, Vice President of Global Tax, Ecolab Inc. : Technology that is embedded in financial systems is so critical to us, to our ability to get accurate, timely, and meaningful information. And we're always interested in learning what other companies are doing, what they're doing with their provision software, how they're able to access information real time instead of waiting for someone to email you a spreadsheet, to spot problems and as I said to spot opportunities. So it’s absolutely critical in the success of our functions ability to add value.

Marc Desrosiers, Senior Vice President, Tax, Thomson Reuters: I think the tax departments in the future will increasingly make greater use of technology, because that's necessary to ensure both efficiency and effectiveness in an environment where there are ever greater demands on us. And it's not as if we're going to be able to continue to increase resources, so being able to use technology effectively is really critical to success in achieving our goals.

Jordan Mintz, Vice President, Tax & Chief Tax Officer, Kinder Morgan: Technology is not going away and we need to embrace it. In the tax arena in particular, that need is there. A lot of companies and tax departments have always relied on the company-wide IT function. We've been fortunate, probably like some other tax departments, in building our own in-house tech group and all of those people's clients are other tax professionals in the department, so that's critical.

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