Evolving tax function operating models

Hear how CTOs are optimizing their operations with technology, outsourcing, and co-sourcing.


Scott Hunter, VP Global Tax & CTO, Cardinal Health: I think that we'll be working a lot more and a lot more collaboratively with others who have already developed certain technologies, and can bring them to us and that we can actually apply those technologies in our own circumstances. We already do some co-sourcing, there are certain things that we outsource. I actually see us trying to optimize that, and maybe even doing a little bit more of it. As we do that it's going to change the complement of what we have internal, what we use external, and how the two work together.

Dave Winsko, Vice President, Global Tax, Westinghose: We got to move from being mechanical to analytical, and I want to focus the mechanics on a outsourcer or a co sorcerer, and the analysis/the planning is what I want us to worry about. The quality of the data, and be a proactive planner for the business.

Barb Beaulieu, VP, Head of Tax, Noble Corporation: My assets are mobile, they float around the world and are in emerging markets all the time. So my team resides all in one centralized location. We rely on advisers in those foreign jurisdictions, as need be, for whatever the limited scope of our operations are in that jurisdiction. We are all planners, we tend to outsource almost 100% of our compliance, other than the U.S. domestic side.  Pretty much everything else is outsourced because the way our business is, in that we have these mobile assets that are operating in these markets for a very short period of time, it doesn't make sense to have experts in every country.

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