CTO Insights – Evolving role of the CTO video

CTOs discuss the evolving expectations and responsibilities of their role.


Joseph Gagliano, Senior Vice President, Global Tax, American Express: What I’ve tried to do is to integrate myself into the broader leadership team within the company. So I make a point to meet, on a regular basis, with the senior business leaders, so they’re aware of all the tax issues that are present and also all the things were doing to help growth their business.That to me is one of the more important aspects of my job, is to be part of the management team running the business.

Katrina Welch, Vice President and Tax Director, Texas Instruments: One shift I’ve noticed most recently is, before I’ve always presented for senior management really just to the financial management – the CFO, the general council, annually to the audit committee/ board of directors. But this year for the first time I was asked to present to the senior leadership team – the CEO, COO and other senior leaders to brief them on tax reform. So that was new.

Colin Seegmiller, Vice President, Global Tax, Amway: In the past surprises were never a good thing. Now you not only have to anticipate the surprises but which angles the surprise might come at, how it might impact not only the company but shareholders and every different aspect. Constantly looking forward is a critical part of the Head of Tax role. Making sure that you’re well aware of what’s coming down so that nobody is caught off guard.

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