AI aids accountants

KPMG's Global Tax Technology Leader Brad Brown discusses the firm's use of leveraging IBM Watson to provide companies with a fast and efficient way of identifying potential R&D expenses that may qualify for federal tax credits.

Brad L. Brown

Brad L. Brown

Global Technology Leader and CIO for Tax, KPMG US

+1 213-593-6761

Video transcript

VO: AI is aiding accountants. An army of KPMG tax professionals has trained IBM’s Watson to help clients identify R&D expenses that qualify for federal tax credits.

Brad Brown soundbite: Leveraging Watson is letting us find the most comprehensive documentation to support the tax credit.

VO: And engineers at client companies are spending less time talking about tax credits and more time working on R&D.

Brad Brown soundbite: It’s really disrupting ourselves. We can do it faster and better by augmenting the tax professional, not replacing the professional.

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