2019 Payroll Year-End Guide and Checklist

Year-end for payroll professionals generally begins when the next year’s inflation or indexed numbers are released in mid-October and ends in February, when most reports and forms for the prior year have been completed and filed.

Scott Schapiro

Scott Schapiro

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Both the 2019 Payroll Year-End Guide and Check List were prepared jointly by KPMG LLP's (KPMG) Employment Tax professionals and editors at Bloomberg Tax. The guide covers a wide array of topics, including sections covering policy issues, changes reflecting the requirements of the recent U.S. tax code overhaul, and common concerns at year-end that have been identified as historically troubling for employers. The check list, which includes useful do’s and don’ts can help employers track year-end payroll responsibilities. 


2019 Payroll Year-End Guide - Coming Soon!


2019 Payroll Year-End Checklist
This check list includes useful do's and don'ts to help employers track year-end payroll responsibilities.

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