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Anita Whitehead

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In 2015, the global community of businesses, governments, and civil society organizations agreed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an unprecedented set of targets for people, planet, prosperity, and peace. The SDGs offer a framework to drive business value while impacting a transformative set of sustainability, economic, and social targets.

KPMG LLP is delighted to launch the joint Textile Exchange – KPMG report, Threading the Needle: Weaving SDGs in the Textile, Retail, and Apparel industry. A culmination of industry interviews, non-government organization inputs, and desk research, the report highlights practical examples for companies in the sector and beyond, grappling with how to integrate the SDGs into their core business and global supply chain. The report features:

  • Representative examples of SDG aligned shared value opportunities specific to the textile, retail, and apparel industry
  • A cluster approach to SDG integration that maps potential programs to defined business needs
  • Resources for starting and enhancing a company’s SDG journey, including guidance on multistakeholder partnerships and country-specific considerations
  • A framework for making the business case for SDG integration
Threading the needle
Weaving the Sustainable Development Goals into the textile, retail, and apparel industry.

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Support of the SDGs

KPMG applies member firms’ skills, resources and influence in pursuit of the Global Goals. Our member firms’ people contribute to all 17 Sustainable Development Goals through their client work.

KPMG's International Development Assistance Services

In today’s economic climate, the developing world faces a number of critical challenges in strengthening the capacity of government, business and civil society to provide and deliver basic public services. As a leading provider of professional services to the development sector, KPMG’s International Development Assistance Services (IDAS) Practice brings its extensive cross-industry expertise in responding to these changes.

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