Tax and Trade Implications for U.S. Inbound Investment Guide

KPMG's guide to investing in the U.S., “Tax and Trade Implications for U.S. Inbound Investment,” can help investors navigate the changing business, tax, and trade landscape in the U.S.

Kimberly Majure

Kimberly Majure

Principal, International Tax, KPMG US

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For over a half a century, the United States has served as a leader in foreign investment and business opportunities. The large, relatively strong U.S. economy and political stability have been significant factors for attracting investment. The U.S. federal income tax framework has been a constant since the 1980s, but was significantly enhanced by U.S. Tax Reform, which was enacted in late 2017. Since then, there have been significant changes in U.S. tax and trade policy, presenting big opportunities for inbound investors – for risk as well as reward.

The 60-page publication provides an overview of the current federal and state and local tax systems, as well as U.S. import and export rules. This updated version incorporates highlights of U.S. Tax Reform, CARES Act, state and local tax, and trade updates.