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Research tax credits shouldn't be more complex than the research itself

Michael Brossmer

Michael Brossmer

Partner, Co-leader, Research Credit, KPMG US

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Recovering a portion of research and development (R&D) costs.  Benefiting from permanent cash tax savings.  Increasing return on R&D Investments.How can you take advantage of the R&D incentives for which you're eligible, while fully complying with the complexities of the law?

KPMG's Process and Technology

KPMG's Research Credit Services practice combines industry experience with a collaborative approach enabled by our proprietary technology to develop a sustainable process for indentifying and documenting qualified R&D activities and expenditures.

KPMG LINK R&D Exchange helps companies process and substantiate R&D tax credits more effectively.  A web-based tool, R&D Exchange helps our team identify and quantify eligible projects and activities, as well as collect and organize financial data and contemporaneous documentation.